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Play Professional Sniper 2 

Stage 1, Refreshing Skills:

Shoot the first watermelon (1) by aiming between the stick's head and arm and thenshoot two other watermelons (2) (3).
Stage 2, Nighttime Walk:

Shoot the stick who appears from the left smoking a cigarette. (1)
Stage 3, Life Under Danger:

Your target will show up from the left side. Wait until he pulls his gun (1) and than shoot him.
Stage 4, Keep Out:

When the stick starts pissing on the grass, shoot the dog's chain (1).
Stage 5, Morning In The Park:

Your targets will show up from the left side, wait until they are about to levae the area then shoot first one (1). Hit the second one (2) before it escapes to the right.
Stage 6, The Deal:

Wait until a red car appears from the left side and then shoot the driver (1) before he drives over the sticks (2).
Stage 7, Too Lazy:

Shoot the TV (1) and wait until your target (2) is under the lamp (3) and then shoot it (the lamp, you bloodthirsty monster).
Stage 8, Black Van:

Wait until a red car appears from the right side, then shoot its cargo (1). A black van will eventually approach and stop nearby.
Stage 9, Bank Job:

First shoot the robber looking at the cameras (1) and then the two other robbers who walk by each other. Hit them with one shot or they'll be alerted to your presence (2).
Stage 10, Junkies at the Park:

Shoot the sticks in the correct order so that they do not escape: (1), (2), (3).
Stage 11, The Briefcase:

Shortly after the briefcase is dropped (1) a stick on skates (2) will appear from the right side to pick it up; shoot him.
Stage 12, At The Harbor:

Shoot this stick first (1) and wait until the other sticks (2) are under the crates (3) and then drop them on their heads.
Stage 13, Witness:

Shoot the passenger of the police car which appears from the right side of the screen (1).
Stage 14, Suicide:

Shoot the flag mast first (1), and then the wooden thing under the stick's feet (2).
Stage 15, The Professional:

First shoot two sticks with one shot (1), then the two sticks running in the same direction (2), and then the last one running to the right (3).