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Andre's Adventure Strategy Guide

by: Travis 'Stone' Steven

Play Andre's Adventure 

Click objects to interact

Video Walkthrough:


Click the box just behind Andre's back.

Click to get out of the box.

Click the sword to pick it up.

Click the door to leave the room.

Quickly click the ledge before you fall. You'll have to anticipate this as the level loads.

Click the ledge just underneath the door. Andre will jump over and grab the ledge to reach the button.

Click the sword as you dropped it to save yourself by grabbing the ledge.

Select the plug on the floor.

Select the right side plug as it transmits less energy and won't disturb the zombie workers.

A selection window pops up, choose the one on the far right that makes Andre walk. This keeps the zombies in their slumber.

The last zombie hears you, quickly click the grenade on the floor before it's too late.

Select the rock to gain one enemy's attention.

After you jump out of the bushes, quickly select the bucket to put out the fire, then select the box of AK's near you to kill the two enemies before they see you.

Select the bucket.

Click to your right to leave to the next level.

Select the bucket on your list of items in the top left hand corner.

As the enemy climbs the pillar to check what happened, quickly click him to jump in and break his spine before he can set off a warning.

Click and pick up more ammo for your AK.

Click just below the top of the pillar on the bottom left hand side to hang on the pillar as you shoot the next two enemies without being seen.

Grab the bucket before leaving the level.

Shoot the enemy you see in the top right before he shoots you.

Click the pillar you're holding on to.

Click to lower yourself down to the next area.

Quickly click the grenade as it's about to make contact with Andre for him to elbow it back to the enemy who throws it from the left side of the boxes.

Click the grenade barrel to grab a grenade.

As Andre throws the grenade and goes into slo-mo, quickly click the grenade just as it's in the other enemy's face.

He's not dead! Click the enemy and crush him with a rock.

Click the armory to shoot the metal crate and open the lower floor up to Andre.

Click the enemy's AK to disarm him before he can shoot you.

Click Dark Andre to engage in battle.

When Dark Andre is about to push Andre off the ledge, quickly click on his hammer to jump over him safely.

Select the bucket in your items list to blind Dark Andre.

Kick the bucket on the floor to trip him up as you take the AK and assault Dark Andre.

Click away to move back and away from Dark Andre. He's not dead and will suck you into a trap him you try to attack him.

Select the hammer to send the floating earth back to the ground.

You win!